Advisory Group in Indonesia Discussed Strategy and Workplan for 2017


Jakarta, Indonesia

The Alliance for Integrity in Indonesia convened for the first Advisory Group Meeting in 2017 and discussed several plans concerning the on-going activities of the Alliance for Integrity in Indonesia, including the Strategy Paper and Workplan. The members of the Advisory Group were welcomed by Peter Palesch, Country Director of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Indonesia. This was followed by welcome remarks from Jeffrey Cheung, Chair of the Advisory Group of the Alliance for Integrity in Indonesia. Mr. Cheung presented information about the latest development of the Alliance for Integrity both at global and national levels. He further encouraged the fellow members of the Advisory Group to contribute to and support the Alliance for Integrity and its activity plans in 2017.

Barliana Amin, Network Manager Indonesia at the Alliance for Integrity, then provided updates on various activities that had been undertaken since the last meeting. These include activities involving the respective Working Groups on Awareness Raising and Capacity Building. The Working Group on Awareness Raising is currently working on the adaptation of the No eXcuses Guide, by giving technical inputs based on the Indonesian context.
While members of the Working Group on Capacity Building had participated in a recently held Train-the-trainer workshop and a corruption prevention training activityDari Usaha ke Usaha — DUKU for small and medium enterprises.

In the next session, the Advisory Group members consisting of representatives from Allianz, Indonesia Business Links, Indonesia Global Compact Network Merck, and Transparency International participated in discussing the drafts of the Strategy Paper and Workplan of the Alliance for Integrity in Indonesia for 2017. This session included the discussion on the potential contribution of the Advisory Group members to the planned activities in 2017, such as the Integrity Week that will be held in May.

The Advisory Group members also welcomed the Indonesian Investment Coordination Board (BKPM) as a new member of the Advisory Group of the Alliance for Integrity in Indonesia.
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