Alliance for Integrity’s Advisory Group Indonesia Creates Vision 2025


Jakarta, Indonesia

The Alliance for Integrity’s Advisory Group Indonesia convened for the second time in 2019 in order to discuss what the initiative wants to achieve in Indonesia until 2025. Opening the meeting, Jeffrey Cheung, Chair of the Advisory Group Indonesia, emphasized the importance of this workshop as the compiled goals will contribute to the global Vision 2025 of the Alliance for Integrity. Chrysanti Hasibuan Sedyono, Indonesia Business Links, took part in the inauguration workshop on Vision 2025 in Germany and encouraged the participants to share their perspectives. The members debated, how the Alliance for Integrity is differentiating from other initiatives and identified challenges and current trends in the field of business integrity. The results of the discussion served as cornerstones for defining the targets that the Alliance for Integrity in Indonesia wants to achieve. One of the goals:

The Alliance for Integrity shall be recognised as one of the key players in promoting business integrity among small and medium-sized enterprises in five to seven years from now.

During the last session of the workshop, the members agreed to update the current Terms of References of the Advisory Group. Moreover, they planned to define criteria of success stories at their next meeting.

The workshop was attended by Allianz Life Indonesia, Indonesia Business Links, Indonesia – Hong Kong Business Association, Indonesia Global Compact Network, Transparency International Indonesia, Merck, and Paramadina University.

Author: Faiza Hasan

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