Alliance for Integrity Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals Working Group joined Regional Advocacy Committee West Java


Bandung, Indonesia

In the interest to promote anti-corruption and develop capacity building for the women entrepreneurs and professionals in West Java, the Alliance for Integrity in collaboration with GIZ’s Assistance in Preventing and Combating Corruption (APCC) programme, facilitated a meeting of the Alliance for Integrity’s Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals Working Group in Bandung. The meeting was also attended by the chairperson of Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) West Java, Agung Suryamal.

Alliance for Integrity’s Asia Coordinator, Florian Lair and APPC Advisor, Roto Priyono, welcomed the participants to the meeting. Following the opening, Agung Suryamal, opened the session and acknowledged the important role of small medium enterprises in the West Java area, moreover he highlighted the importance of collaboration of private and public sector in combating corruption. He also used this opportunity to share information about the Regional Advocacy Committee (RAC) chapter West Java.

The RAC was initiated by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) under its Private Sector Division as a working group consisting of members of the public and private sectors, regulators, civil society, and academia aiming to compile recommendations for the improvement of conducting business in Indonesia.

After explanation about the importance of working group, participants came to conclusion that it is necessary for the small medium entrepreneur especially women entrepreneurs and professionals to also engage in the working group. The members of the group agreed to join the working group in the hope to make contribution to the RAC by giving women perspective in regards to issue in conducting business related to anti-corruption. Afterward, led by Sutan Maizon Rusdi, RAC representatives in West Java, participants engaged in a fruitful discussion in solving challenges they face in their day-to-day business operations.

After the break, the working group members from Argentina and Indonesia introduced themselves to one another. Both working group members sharing their expectation of the meeting. Furthermore, the women shared their experiences related to obstacles they face in conducting clean business. As a follow up plan for the meeting, both working groups agreed to conduct another meeting in September, to share information regarding development of Women 20 activity in Argentina and discuss practical cases related to business integrity.

The meeting was also joined electronically by the Alliance for Integrity’s Advisory Group Indonesia Chair, Miranda Andamsari, and Deladwita Suyoso, Program Manager at the Indonesia Global Compact Network.

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