Alliance for Integrity delivers ethics lecture for engineers in Ghana


Accra, Ghana

Foto Group

The Alliance for Integrity has delivered a lecture at this year’s edition of the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE)’s Annual “Ethics and Leadership” Lecture Series. The paper was on the theme “Engineering Ethics in Practice: Complementing Technical Skills with Ethical Conduct for Professional Proficiency” and was delivered on behalf of the Alliance for Integrity by Abraham Agbozo, Compliance Counsel for Newmont Ghana Gold Limited and trainer for Alliance for Integrity’s Compliance Training for Businesses.

Mr. Agbozo stressed the need for engineering professionals to be guided by high ethical standards in their activities and also gave a recommendation on how the Ghana Institution of Engineering could update the provisions on conflict of interest in the institution’s Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Procedures.

The lecture was attended by 100 members of GhIE who came from different parts of the country. They also got the opportunity to receive corruption-prevention publications of the Alliance for Integrity, e.g. the No eXcuses Pocket Guide.

The Ghana Institution of Engineering was officially founded in 1968The institution presently has an active membership of 2,390 people comprising Fellows, Members, Associates, Graduate Members, Affiliates, and Technicians. GhIE serves on the Alliance for Integrity’s "Awareness Creation" Working Group in Ghana.

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