First events in Ghana: Compliance Management Training and High-Level Panel


On May 19, 2015, a training on Compliance Management in cooperation with the Global Compact Network Ghana was organized in Accra. Fifteen representatives of local enterprises who wanted to advance their capability in the area of compliance and anti-corruption took part. The training included modules on different types of corruption with a focus on bribery and “grey areas”. The goal of the workshop was to inform participants about current developments in compliance, as well as to showcase and discuss effective measures to enhance business integrity.

On May 21, 2015, the Alliance for Integrity in cooperation with GIZ in Ghana, hosted a high-level panel in Accra on “Business Integrity. How to Build an Anti-Corruption Pathway for Ghana.”
Participants of the event included high-ranking individuals from the private sector, as well as the public sector and civil society organizations. The German Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Rüdiger John welcomed the participants before giving floor to a discussion among various stakeholders.

The main issues raised during the conference focused on key challenges for ant-corruption efforts in Ghana; feasible measures for reducing corruption risks and different approaches; ways of raising awareness of best practices in enhancing business integrity and the roles that different stakeholders play in a collective action approach against corruption.
The panel discussion was followed by a networking reception, allowing the participants to share their ideas in a more informal atmosphere.

The event was part of the greater efforts of the Alliance for Integrity in Ghana, to contribute to the development and implementation of anti-corruption activities towards a cleaner society. The attendance of more than 130 participants has shown that Ghana is ready for further collective action in the field of business integrity.
The high level panel event was supported by the German and the Ghanaian Global Compact Network.

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