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Berlin, Germany

Vision 2025

Launched in 2015 as a business-driven multi-stakeholder initiative, the Alliance for Integrity is seeking to promote transparency and integrity in the global economic system. The network of partners and numbers of activities have grown substantially since then, and so have stakeholder expectations and the overall demand for strengthening business integrity around the globe. 

Thus, in a nine-months process the Steering Committee reflected on strengths and differentiators of the initiative, discussed current trends, future opportunities and possible challenges resulting in the definition of a common vision for the next five years (Vision 2025):

“By 2025, the Alliance for Integrity is the global game changer for enhancing business integrity through multi-stakeholder collaboration.“

The Vision 2025 reflects the unique selling points and values of the initiative taking into account national and international efforts for future development. As key factor for the long-term success of the Alliance for Integrity it sets not only an ambitious target for the next five years, but also gives guidance when prioritising future activities as well as influencing the initiative’s governance procedures, financial sustainability and legal status.

The statement re-emphasises the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration and serves as a reminder to apply the collective action approach even more rigorously in the future. In the fight against corruption it is crucial to engage all relevant stakeholders in mutual dialogues and joint actions. Besides, the now clearly stated ambition of becoming the global game changer demands to not only maintain the current focus on providing practical solutions to enhance business integrity (in particular for SMEs), but also to extend these solutions to governments and other key stakeholders, sectors and countries.

In order to achieve the joint Vision 2025, each National Advisory Group is now tasked with determining a country-tailored implementation plan that defines several concrete activities and requirements. Even though the global outbreak of Covid-19 is affecting the economic system to an unpredictable extent, at the Alliance for Integrity we believe that the promotion of a transparent and fair economic system with opportunities for all will remain a worthwhile task and might become even more important when it comes to make up for lost revenues after the pandemic. We will therefore continue seeking to achieve organisational independence in order to continuously provide practical applications to promote integrity all around the world.

Authors: Elena Rittger and Tiam Ghorab

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