The "No eXcuses! Colombia" pocket guide is out now


Bogotá, Colombia

After several months of joint work between the Secretariat of Transparency, Global Compact Colombia and the Alliance for Integrity, the “No eXcuses!” pocket guide was festively launched in Bogotá, Colombia. The launch was carried out on December 9, the International Anti-Corruption Day, as part of an event series.

More than 200 participants from different sectors and organisations attended the session that was hosted by the Secretariat of Transparency of the Colombian Government. Ensuring a broad dissemination, more than 1000 copies of the guide were distributed among business representatives and partners of the initiative.

Underlining the relevance of the publication, Marta Lucía Ramírez, Vice President of Colombia, and Beatriz Elena Londoño, Secretary of Transparency, joined the event. “Fighting corruption is a top priority of the Colombian Government. We need tools that are practical and easy to access for everyone, as these can empower enterprises of all sizes to strengthen integrity in their business environment. Thus, the “No eXcuses!” guide is a very useful tool,” stated the Vice President. 

In her opening speech, Susanne Friedrich, Director of the Alliance for Integrity, expressed her gratitude to the companies that contributed to the guide as well as to the chambers, civil society organisations, universities and governmental institutions who revised the publication and provided support during its edition and release.

Ten excuses mentioned in the guide were briefly presented by representatives of the companies who jointly worked on the publication. Typical excuses that they identified are for example “I did not know this was corruption” or “If we don’t do it, someone else will”. Each company, namely ANDI, Avianca, Campetrol, Grupo Bios, Grupo Éxito, Grupo Vanti, Telefónica Movistar, Lemaitre, Novartis and Siemens, had been in charge to develop the content for one specific excuse. Emphasising the fact that integrity is a “win-win” solution, the guide presents strong counter-arguments to refute these excuses.

The “No eXcuses!” pocket guide for Colombia was highly appreciated by the public, stressing its importance as collective action. Various stakeholders from different sectors were taking an active role to now provide a practical solution for corruption-related issues.

The companies and organisations that participated in the development of the guide have now started to share and promote the publication within their supply chains aiming to involve all relevant parties in this important topic.

The Colombian edition of the “No eXcuses!” pocket guide can be found here!

Author: Ana Elena Cadena Ramos

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