The importance of empathy in this extraordinary situation


Jakarta, Indonesia

Advisory Group meeting Indonesia

On Thursday, 19 March 2020, the Advisory Group of Indonesia met for the first time after the turn of the year. Due to the extraordinary situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the members gathered in a virtual way. The global crisis that we are currently experiencing does not only affect health systems, culture and politics, but especially the economy is hard hit. Thus, the Advisory Group unanimously agreed that it is now more important than ever to continue promoting integrity and compliance.  

Besides discussing the unavoidable effects of the pandemic, the members elected their new Chair and Vice Chair that will jointly lead the efforts of the group for the next twelve months. Within the vote, Jeffrey Cheung, representative of the Indonesia-Hong Kong Business Association, was re-elected as Chair. The Advisory Group further agreed on Mrs. Alfikalia, representative of the Paramadina University, as new Vice Chair. Thus, the issue of gender equality which is strongly promoted by the group is also reflected on the leadership level. With the election of Mrs. Alfikalia, the members also aim to address more female entrepreneurs and businesswomen in future activities of the Alliance for Integrity.

After the election, the Advisory Group discussed the operational planning for 2020 taking into account the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic not only on Indonesia but on a global level. In their opinion small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing tougher challenges than most of the big companies; but those who are now adapting to the new circumstances, will later be one step ahead of the others. The Alliance for Integrity will continue its efforts towards a transparent and fair economic system with opportunities for all.

It is now crucial to develop digital formats that will compensate the present activities, such as DUKU trainings. The new Chair also stressed the importance to stay in close contact with SMEs that are most likely to be affected by this outbreak. Thus, the Alliance for Integrity will contact SMEs that are part of our network to ask for their specific needs and concerns in order to develop concrete support services.

Jeffrey Cheung further presented the results of the last Steering Committee meeting that took place last December in Berlin. Based on a nine-months process the Steering Committee reflected on strengths and differentiators of the initiative, discussed current trends, future opportunities and possible challenges resulting in the definition of a common vision for the next five years:

"By 2025, the Alliance for Integrity is the global game changer for enhancing business integrity through multi-stakeholder collaborations."

In this context Mr. Cheung explained the organisational structure of the Alliance for Integrity that is seeking to achieve organisational independence within the next five years. He also underlined how crucial it is to continuously engage all relevant stakeholders in mutual dialogues and joint actions.

The meeting was concluded approving the next steps of the Alliance for Integrity in Indonesia, including the development of a concrete strategy aiming to increase the sustainability of the initiative and the collaboration between the members.

Author: Faiza Hasan

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