Strengthening cooperation between business integrity trainers in India and Indonesia


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India-Indonesia Exchange

In mid-June, the Alliance for Integrity organised the first digital exchange between business integrity trainers from India and Indonesia aiming to explore new opportunities and scope for future cooperation between the regions.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the resulting social restrictions, the Alliance for Integrity has converted its business integrity training for small and medium-sized enterprises into a digital format. The virtual modules were already successfully piloted during the Integrity Journey in Argentina. For the roll-out in Asia, the trainers discussed the idea of jointly testing the new format. However, as concerns regarding the language barrier were raised, they agreed to only run the trial sessions together in order to learn from each other and to improve the training. The pilot sessions will be held in the local language.  

All trainers agreed that the exchange between the two countries is of great benefit and should be continued on a two-monthly basis. 

For this reason, also other types of cooperation were considered, and some interesting ideas were discussed. As both trainer working groups are represented by the Merck Group, and as healthcare is a priority area of the Alliance for Integrity, a decision was made to have further discussions on activities in the healthcare sector. In this context, Devi Lovina, representative of the Indonesian chapter of the UN Global Compact Network, also suggested activities in the fields of business and human rights, especially in labour and environmental issues.

The trainers decided to hold another meeting later in July to continue the discussions and to decide on further details of the trial sessions for the roll-out of the digital business integrity training in Asia.

Author: Seema Choudhary

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