Further roll-out of duku training in Indonesia


Bandung, Indonesia

Further roll-out of DUKU trainings in Indonesia

The Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals Working Group West Java met in Bandung, Indonesia to discuss the operational plan for the upcoming months. The focus was placed on planning the next activities and consulting on the roll-out of the DUKU training for business association members.

Before starting with the operational planning, the participants reflected on last year’s activities. One highlight was the fruitful exchange with members of the Women Compliance Expert Working Group in Argentina. Both working groups greatly benefitted from the collaboration across borders, sharing their knowledge, experiences and best practice examples on compliance and business integrity. Due to the great success the members agreed on continuing the activity also in 2020. Beyond that they are planning to establish a regular online exchange with working groups from other countries of the Alliance for Integrity, such as Ghana and India.

In addition, the Working Group will also pursue their engagement with the West Java Regional Advocacy Committee. The objective is to support the Committee on finding solutions to facilitate business activities in the province of West Java.

After the reflection session, the participants decided on the roll-out of the DUKU training for members of their business associations. The roll-out will mainly focus on women-owned SMEs located in the region and will provide relevant knowledge of how to establish an effective compliance system. Therefore, plans were made to conduct DUKU trainings that address female entrepreneurs that are members of: 

  • the Indonesian Women Business Association (IWAPI); 
  • the Indonesian Moslem Business Association (IPEMI); 
  • the Indonesian Cross-Professional Women's Association (PPLIPI),
  • the Benua Balantik Community; 
  • the Indonesian Indigenous Entrepreneurs Association (HIPPI); 
  • and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin).

Besides, the Working Group Members put forward the idea to become certified Anti-Corruption Instructors. The initiative is initiated by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and aims to spread anti-corruption messages as widely as possible. After receiving an official certification, the instructors will later support the KPK and will independently implement various activities related to compliance and business integrity.

Author: Faiza Hasan

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