First Compliance Training for State-Owned Enterprises in Ghana


Ghana, Accra

First Compliance Training for State-Owned Enterprises in Ghana

The quest to promote a responsible business environment within requires collective action from actors from the public sector, private sector, civil society and academia. The multi-stakeholder approach of the Alliance for Integrity demonstrates this synergy, leveraging on the enormous capacities of Multinationals to raise awareness and build or strengthen the compliance capacity of SMEs and other actors in the business ecosystem.

As such, in collaboration with the State Interest and Government Authority (SIGA), the Alliance for Integrity organised a pilot compliance training for State-Owned Enterprises to build and strengthen the capacity of these key public sector actors on compliance risk assessment and management, anti-corruption measures and good corporate governance strategies.

The training hosted participants from ten State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), drawn from different sectors of the economy such as energy, procurement, revenue and tax, enterprise development and employment. Participants were engaged in insightful and practical sessions highlighting on compliance best practices, handling of grey areas and other risk processes susceptible to compliance breaches.
Being the facilitator for the training, Frank Abdulai Iddrisu, Financial Crime Investigator of Fideliy Bank, shared practical industry-based experiences with emphasis on mostly ignored areas of corruption.

Referencing the forms of conflict of interest, he noted that the concept on its own was not corruption but a red flag that should not be ignored. He admonished organisations present to adapt the hall of fame and shame as one strategy to building resilient compliance systems.

In a sprightly experience sharing session, participants expressed satisfaction with the training and for the knowledge gained. “The multi-stakeholder approach of the network is a great initiative worthy of emulation” was one of the many comments passed by participants after the training. Others noted that the training was a good start to raising awareness on the need to strengthening compliance systems in the public sector noting that good policies go with implementation.

Gideon Mankralo, Network Manager Ghana and Nigeria of the Alliance for Integrity, thanked SIGA, Frank Abdulai Iddrisu and participants for committing to the success of the training and urged participants to make the best use of the knowledge gained to improving integrity within the public sector. He mentioned that the feedback received from the participants will be used to improve the material and the training scaled.

Authors: Gideon Mankralo & Abigail Gyabaa

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