Advisory Group Indonesia discussed Sustainability Plan


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Advisory Group Indonesia discussed Sustainability Plan

The Advisory Group Indonesia met for the third time in 2020 to discuss the sustainability strategy of the Alliance for Integrity in the country for the next five years. In order to achieve organisational independence by 2025, the members decided to further focus on the expansion of the digital portfolio and an inclusive approach that ensures the inclusion of a gender perspective in all compliance efforts. They agreed that it will be even more important in future to work on flexible tools that allow SMEs to quickly react to unexpected circumstances such as those we are experiencing now. In line with this, the Alliance for Integrity in Indonesia will be established as an independent entity collaborating with national and multinational companies, like-minded institutions, organisations and business associations to further strengthen business integrity in the country's ecosystem.

The members of the Advisory Group, among them representatives of Allianz Life Insurance, Indonesia Business Links, the Indonesian Chapter of the UN Global Compact Network, Indonesia Hong Kong Business Association, Merck Indonesia, Paramadina University and UNODC, were confident that the sustainability strategy will be well received by stakeholders in the region. This lays the foundation to continue the important work of the Alliance for Integrity in Indonesia. 

Author: Faiza Hasan

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