Awards ceremony of the ‘More Integrity Seal’ takes place in Brazil


Brasília, Brazil

On December 10, 2019, the ceremony for companies awarded with the “More Integrity Seal” took place in Brasilia, Brazil. The company’s representatives as well as representatives from the public sector, civil society and academia attended the event. Fifteen companies received the award, from which nine companies renewed their acknowledgement of 2018 and six enterprises were awarded for the first time.

The “More Integrity Seal” is an initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) that aims to reward companies in the agribusiness sector that promote sustainability, social responsibility and corruption prevention in Brazil. The Alliance for Integrity is a member of the Seal’s Committee, alongside other institutions such as the Comptroller-General of the Union of Brazil (CGU), Embrapa – the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, CNA – the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock, the Ethos Institute, Febraban – the Brazilian Federation of Banks, CNI – the Brazilian Confederation of Industry, OCB – the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives, and B3 – a Brazilian stock exchange company.

This year, 25 companies applied to the Seal, which means a slight increase of applications in comparison to 2018. In 2018, 23 companies applied, from which 11 were rewarded. The increase of applications shows that the Seal is recognised on the market. Among the requirements, the companies must have proven the adoption of a compliance programme with reporting channels, the participation in trainings to work on their organisational culture, and the implementation of activities related to social and environmental business responsibility.

Within the dialogue between the public and private sector, essential in the fight against corruption, the Seal is an important tool for establishing and promoting best practice parameters in the Brazilian agribusiness sector.

Author: Fernando Orn

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