Meeting with Key Trainers and Stakeholders


Eschborn, Germany

The Key Trainers and Stakeholders of the Alliance for Integrity’s Training Programme came together at the GIZ headquarters in Eschborn, Germany. The aim of the half-day meeting was to improve the capacity-building training programme by promoting a global exchange of best practices, discussing challenges and jointly finding solutions. The training programme is a core element of the activities regarding the increase compliance capacities and the enhancement of a culture of integrity in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Noor Naqschbandi, Director of the Alliance for Integrity, welcomed the participants and expressed his gratitude for the support and the commitment of the trainers. He gave an insight into the programme’s origin in Argentina in 2015 and its export to other continents in the last three years. So far, the training programme helped SMEs from various industries in over 10 different countries, with practical solutions regarding compliance and anti-corruption. In addition to numerous success stories, the global reputation also became clear, since the Business 20 (B20) recognised the programme as a good practice example in their 2017 recommendation to the G20.

After the welcome remarks, the participants introduced themselves and their engagement with the Alliance for Integrity. Continuing, the trainers were invited to discuss challenges, possible solutions and opportunities. The participants shared their experiences with the training programme and its impact in different enterprises. Furthermore, the participants reflected on the digital transformation as a future challenge. The collection of ideas also included the involvement of new target groups, e.g. state-owned enterprises (SOEs), entrepreneurs and gender specific trainings. These topics were highlighted as topics of particular importance and interest in the future. Thereafter, Fernanda Cabral, co-founder of Imagina Coletivo provided input related to “How to win the trust of the training participants?” and gave some practical advice to the trainers.

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