Advisory Group Mexico meets to discuss the vision 2025


Mexico City, Mexico

On 27 June, the members of the Advisory Group in Mexico gathered at the Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (Business Coordinating Council) in order to carry out their third meeting and, thus, give shape to the Vision 2025 of the Alliance for Integrity.

While discussing several ideas, the members agreed on three points to be the focus of the Alliance for Integrity in the next years: The Alliance for Integrity shall become the platform for public-private dialogue when it comes to integrity in Mexico, increase the number of trainings in the country and offer them for specific sectors, and have a leading role in the communication of integrity incentives for SMEs in Mexico. Apart from goal-setting, the members also designed the plans to attain these objectives.

The highlight of the session was the introduction of a new Advisory Group member: The Ministry of Public Administration (Secretaría de la Función Pública – SFP). Gustavo Pérez, Chair of the Advisory Group, emphasised the importance of the governmental participation,

as one of the main factors for the initiative’s success is its multi-stakeholder approach. Carlos Villalobos, on behalf of the SFP, signed the Terms of Reference of the Advisory Group and also reinforced the need to fight corruption collectively.

Carolina Echevarria, Regional Manager for Latin America at the Alliance for Integrity, was impressed by the progress of the network in Mexico made since the last meeting. She thanked the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Advisory Group for travelling to Berlin in April to take part in the Steering Committee meeting. Their participation showed their keen interest in the success of the initiative.

The members of the Advisory Group agreed on working on the achievement of their goals in the next months. They will meet again to discuss their progress in September 2019.

Author: Ana Elena Cadena Ramos

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