Workshop: Ethics as an added value in negotiation for female entrepreneurs

The workshop "Ethics as an added value in negotiation for female entrepreneurs" was developed by the Gender Working Group of the Alliance for Integrity in Colombia and Mexico. This workshop arose in response to the request of female entrepreneurs from Colombia and Mexico who, after participating in the "Integrity Coffee" exchange formats, showed the need to strengthen their negotiation capacities, ensuring that ethics within their businesses become an added value.

Workshop elements

Definitions: Basic concepts of gender, equity, ethics, negotiation, harassment and sextortion.

Topics: Female leadership in the company, unconscious biases related to gender, new masculinity, step by step of an ethical negotiation model, negotiation exercises based on practical cases, sexual harassment and sextortion in the workplace.


  • Put on your gender glasses
  • Ethics and not cosmetics
  • Sexual harassment and sextortion in the workplace


This workshop will be divided into three sessions on October 04, 06 and 08, 2021, from 08:00 to 10:00 (GMT-5). Sessions will take place online through Microsoft Teams.


  • Carlos Martín - Compliance Officer ABC Anticorruption, AXA Mexico
  • Clara Obregón - Expert, Lemaitre Consultores Colombia
  • Dora García - Regional Integrity Head-LATAM, SNC-Lavalin, Peru
  • Fernanda Valderrama - Presidency, American Organization of Women Leaders in Automotive Maintenance Colombia
  • Mónica Cortés - CEO, EQUILATERA Colombia
  • Rita Muciño - Professional specialised in gender and human rights issues, Mexico
  • Rosario Cervantes - Regional Liaison of the Inclusion Management of Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) México

Who can participate?

The main audience for this workshop are female entrepreneurs and business leaders in Colombia and Mexico with little or no experience in implementing effective corruption prevention systems.

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Date from: 04.10.2021 08:00
Date to: 08.10.2021 10:00
CET: America/Mexico_City


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