Interregional Exchange Series | Policies and Procedures for an Integrity Programme

Every organisation that wants to be competitive, profitable and sustainable needs an integrity programme. The aim is to ensure that processes are open and beneficial to the business, its employees and stakeholders. It is important to note that policies and procedures differ from company to company. However, the underlying rule should be to achieve the intended purpose and be within the laws and regulations of the country.

The webinar aims at providing an open space for dialogue and exchange between compliance professionals from Africa and Latin America. In this sense, the webinar will provide an interregional exchange oriented to a broad public interested in learning about compliance topics.

This webinar on Policies and Procedures for an integrity programme is designed to give business owners and their businesses an overview on how to effectively design an integrity programme for their business.

Who should attend?

This webinar series is open to all Compliance Officers, Business Executives, CEOs and anyone interested in compliance.


Ronke Ampiah, Lead Consultant, Impact Link Consulting
Karlis Novickis, Professor, Business School Insper


The event is free of charge.


The registration is carried out via Webex.


Gideon Mankralo
Network Manager, Ghana & Nigeria

Amanda Rocha
Network Manager South America


Date from: 29.07.2020 13:00
Date to: 29.07.2020 14:00
CET: Africa/Accra


Alliance for Integrity

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Global Business Network

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