Passport to Integrity

Corruption causes economic imbalances and impacts the financial stability, productivity and sustainable development of a country. In the business environment, corruption promotes unequal business conditions and additional costs for companies. By participating in Passport to Integrity, companies will have the opportunity to access, free of charge, material, training, practical tools and support from experts in integrity matters. This way, they will not only become more integral and transparent companies but also more competitive, sustainable and efficient.

The objective of Passport to Integrity is to promote and develop an integral business environment, by supporting SMEs and SOEs of Argentina in the development of their integrity programmes focused on one of the following four objectives:

(I) participate in bids;

(II) Improve the conditions for access to financing;

(III) be a supplier of multinational companies;

(IV) comply with good governance standards.

who can take part?

The programme „Passport to Integrity: Good Business for your Company” is a free product of the Alliance for Integrity, directed towards participants whose objective it is to strengthen integrity practices and compliance in small and medium enterprises (SME) and state-owned enterprises (SOE). The programme is supplementary to the Alliance for Integrity’s training programme “De Empresas Para Empresas” (DEPE) which is implemented by AHK Argentina and supported by the Argentinean Global Compact Network.


a)    SME and SOE that have fulfilled the DEPE training of Alliance for Integrity.

b)    The representative of the company must be older than 18 years and have the capacity to represent the company as well as the necessary knowledge about the organisation.

c)    Must know, understand and agree with the current regulations.

Registration closed.



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