Integrity Debates - Compliance as a multisector approach

Corruption is a major obstacle to economic-social development and also for sustainable business environment. In the last years, compliance has become an increasingly relevant issue in the business world. Gradually companies have been establishing measures and controls to ensure compliance and avoid violation of regulations. Effective implementation measures, however, are easier in theory than in practice.

In order to promote integrity among companies, business partners and other relevant players in the economic system, the Alliance for Integrity is promoting Integrity Debates in different regions of Brazil throughout 2017.

The Integrity Debates aim to discuss the features of compliance management in the private and public sector and identify how both areas can work together and learn from each other. The series will address the challenges listed in the publication "Between hope and reality - The evolution of a compliance culture in selected countries - Germany and Brazil", produced by KPMG together with the Lateinamerika Verein and the Alliance for Integrity. Transversally, the Alliance for Integrity as a B20 concept partner will address the issues that make up the G20 anti-corruption plan.

The third debate will be held in Curitiba with the topic: Compliance as a multi-sector approach. The focus of this debate is to discuss the challenges of a broader definition of compliance, in the sense of integrity, among all relevant actors in combating and preventing corruption.


Rafael Guedes de Castro - Lawyer and Professor for Criminal Law at Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (FIEP/PR)

Roberta Codignoto - Head of Legal & Compliance Latam at Staples

Roni Enara – Executive Director at Observatório Social do Brasil

Dr. Moacir Rodrigues  - Regional Superintendent of CGU in Curitiba

Moderator: Marco Antônio Guimarães, Manager of Legal, Risk and Compliance at Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (FIEP/PR)


There is no participation fee for this event but due to the high level of interest and space limitations, participation in the debate is limited and prior registration by the participant is required.


In case of doubts or questions, please contact:
Amanda Rocha


Date from: 21.06.2017 09:30
Date to: 21.06.2017 12:00


CIFAL, Avenida Comendador Franco 1341, Jardim Botânico
80215-090 Curitiba


Alliance for Integrity


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