Integrity Debates - The Commitment of Senior Management: The Way towards a Company with Integrity

Corruption is a major obstacle to socio-economic development and also for a sustainable business environment. In the last years, the compliance area has become an increasingly relevant issue in the business world. Companies have been gradually establishing measures and controls to ensure compliance and avoid violation of regulations. Effective implementation measures, however, are easier in theory than in practice. In order to promote integrity among companies, business partners and other relevant players in the economic system, the Alliance for Integrity is promoting Integrity Debates in different regions of Brazil throughout 2017.

Integrity Debates aims to discuss the features of compliance management in the business and public sector and identify how both areas can work together and learn from each other. The cycle addresses the challenges listed in the publication "Between hope and reality - The evolution of a compliance culture of compliance in selected countries - Germany and Brazil", produced by KPMG Germany together with the Business Association for Latin America (LAV) and with the Alliance for Integrity. Transversally, the Alliance for Integrity as a B20 conceptual partner will address the issues that make up the G20 anti-corruption plan.

The second debate will take place in Rio de Janeiro with the topic: The Commitment of Senior Management: The Way towards a Company with Integrity. The focus of the debate is to discuss the importance of senior management's commitment to the dissemination of an internal culture of integrity. The debate will count with the participation of several renowned experts from the compliance field.


Fabio Valgas – CGU

Marina Ferro – Instituto Ethos

Reynaldo Goto – Siemens

Luiz Rubião – Radix

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Date from: 02.06.2017 14:00
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