Integrity Debate: The Road to Sustainable Development

Corruption is a serious obstacle to the country's economic and social development and to a sustainable business environment. The discussion is no longer the sole focus of the public sector. The private sector is also playing an essential role in changing the culture and engaging in discussions with other actors. There is a growing recognition that business is undergoing a rationalisation process that requires predictable behaviour on the part of business partners. The promotion of business integrity therefore means promoting balance in the economic system by allowing the existence of a plurality of actors in the business environment.

From a multisectoral perspective, the debate will aim to foster public-private dialogues on incentives to promote integrity as well as the role of the private sector. The integrity programme should not be seen as additional bureaucracy, but rather as an added value for the company and a door to achieve new business objectives, such as being a supplier to a large company, obtaining investments or participating in public tenders. Having an integrity programme is directly related to the sustainability of the company. Especially in times of crisis, it is an instrument that strengthens the company's resilience.


  • Érika Gomes Lacet, Secretary of the Comptroller General of the State of Pernambuco, Brazil
  • Roberto Medeiros, Compliance Superintendent | Neoenergia
  • Aurora Barros, Lawyer and Compliance Specialist


  • Karlis Novickis, Professor | Insper Business School


This event lasts 90 minutes and will take place on 9 November 2020, from 09:30 - 11:00, in Portuguese language.

Who can participate?

The event aims at companies of all sizes, employees who work in the field of compliance and with broad issues of business integrity. The dialogue will also be of interest to public sector actors, civil society, development agencies and organisations engaged in anti-corruption issues.


There is no registration fee to participate in the event.


Registrations will be carried out via Webex.


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Date from: 09.11.2020 09:30
Date to: 09.11.2020 11:00
CET: UTC/GMT -03:00 - America/Sao_Paulo




Alliance for Integrity

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Secretaria da Controladoria Geral do Estado de Pernambuco

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