Marathon: Integrity Challenges for Private Procurement in Times of Crisis

According to the OECD, companies face significant disruptions in their supply chains in addition to Covid-19's impacts on operations. Disruptions on the supply and demand side exacerbate the socio-economic impacts of the crisis. Suppliers may no longer be able to continue their activities and fulfil their contracts. To respond to the economic risks faced by workers, contractors and suppliers, some companies have taken proactive steps and made promises to protect them from unemployment, wage cuts or order benefit reductions. Together, these responses are proving to be crucial in addressing the economic repercussions and risks of the crisis.

However, in some cases, these practices may also have their own unintended and undesirable effects. For example, urgent redirection of supply chains within short deadlines may mean speeding up due diligence, which in turn can result in the hiring of unskilled or disreputable suppliers, lack of control in quantities, corruption risks between private parties, and more. In times of crisis, characterised by unpredictability, urgency, the threat to health, and the needs for a non-routine organisational stance, special analytical planning, implementation capacity, and special legal considerations, the risks may be greater.

It is exactly in times of crisis, that emergency, exception, and flexibility measures can be incentivised which can open the door to compliance-related risks. Processes and good practices are some of the questions that this panel discussion will address: Integrity challenges for private procurement in times of crisis. We will share best practices and discuss about due dilligence, procurement process in times of crisis and corruption risk between privates.

In this one day Integrity Marathon we will have seven webinars where good practices and challenges on the same topic will be presented. Starting with the first webinar in Indonesia and ending with Latin America. Each session will take 90 minutes.

Who should attend?

This webinar series is open to all Compliance Officers, Business Executives, CEOs and anyone interested in compliance.

Agenda and Registration

Please find below the agenda for the Integrity Marathon.

Panel Indonesia

10:00 (Time Zone Indonesia): First webinar with speakers from Indonesia. The webinar will be held in Bahasa. The registration is caried out via Webex.


  • Hasinah Jusuf, Compliance Director | Allianz Life Indonesia
  • Danang Widoyoko, Secretery General | Transparency International Indonesia
  • Pahala Nainggolan, Deputy of Prevention | Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)
  • Ir. Ikak Gayuh Patriastomo MSP, Deputy of Legal and Conflict Resolution | National Public Procurement Agency (LKPP)


  • Ika K Idris, Ph.D | Universitas Paramadina 

Panel India

11:30 (Time Zone India): Second webinar with speakers from India. The webinar will be held in English. The registration is carried out via Webex.


  • Samir K Srivastava, Professor and Dean (Research) | Indian Institute of Management
  • Ashutosh Mishra, Advocate, Anti-Corruption and Governance Expert | Partnership for Transparency
  • Balakrishnan Iyer, Group Country Head Procurement, South Asia | Bayer Group


  • Natasha Majumdar, Network Representative India | amfori - Trade with Purpose

Panel Europe

10:00 (Time Zone Germany): Third webinar with speakers from Europe. The webinar will be held in English and will be co-organised by the Global Compact Network Germany. The registration is carried out via Webex.


  • Simon Ruf, Policy Officer | Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (Germany) 
  • Irina Lonean, Project Manager | Transparency International Romania
  • Christoph Harler, Chief Compliance Officer | Bilfinger SE
  • Erika Bozzay, Senior Policy Advisor in the Infrastructure and Public Procurement Division (Public Governance Directorate) | OECD


  • Susanne Friedrich, Director Alliance for Integrity 

Panel Africa

11:30 (Time Zone Ghana): Fourth webinar with speakers from Africa. The webinar will be held in English.  The registration is carried out via Webex.


  • Dr. Jean-Marc Ricca, Managing Director, Country Cluster West-Africa | BASF West Africa Limited
  • Michael Boadi, Fundraising Manager | Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII)
  • Abraham Agbozo, Compliance Counsel | Newmont-Africa


  • Samuel Obeng, Executive Director | PN Africa

Panel Brazil

11:00 (Time Zone Brazil): Fifth webinar with speakers from Brazil. The webinar will be in Portuguese. The registration is carried out via Webex.


  • Matheus Leonel, Head of Compliance Private Equity Brazil | Brookfield Asset Management
  • Marcela Sarruf, Integrity Manager | Magazine Luiza
  • Juliana Prado, Purchasing Intelligence and Supplier Due Dilligence | Natura & Co


  • Ana Aranha, Anti-Corruption Consultant | UN Global Compact Network Brazil

Panel Latin America South

14:00 (Time Zone Argentina/Uruguay) / 13:00 (Time Zone Paraguay / Chile): Sixth webinar with speakers from Latin America. The webinar will be held in Spanish. The registration will be carried out via Webex.


  • Diego Hernán Martinez, Attorney and Consultant in Criminal Law and Compliance
  • Antonella Pellegrini, Sustainability and Community Relations Manager | Enel Chile
  • Fernanda Nan, Global ESG-Compliance Manager (Environmental, Social and Governance) | Sowitec Group


  • Leila Insaurralde Moreno, Attorney | General Comptroller´s Office of the Republic of Paraguay

Panel Andean Region and Mexico

14:30 (Time Zone Mexico/Peru/Ecuador/Colombia): Last webinar with speakers from Latin America. The webinar will be held in Spanish. The registration is carried out via Webex.


  • Dra. Beatriz Londoño, Secretary for Transparency | Presidency of the Republic of Colombia
  • Ligia González, President of the Commission for Integrity and Business Ethics | Mexican Business Coordinating Council
  • Luis Carlos López Rivera, Director for Legal Affairs | Nestlé Ecuador S.A.
  • Dra. Luz María Zea, Compliance Officer | Frontera Energy


  • Claudia Gonzales del Valle, Consultant in the Project "Reforma del Estado orientada a la Ciudadanía" | GIZ Peru


The event is free of charge.


Alliance for Integrity


Date from: 04.08.2020 00:00
Date to: 04.08.2020 23:00
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