Women for Integrity Series (WISe): Doing Business in Ghana - Challenges of Women Business Owners

Despite the achievement of women in Ghana, women’s positive participation in Ghana’s business ecosystem remains at the micro level. The UN reports that, “many women entrepreneurs in Ghana are unable to expand because they lack properly coordinated support, cheap and long-term credit, and sufficient access to new technologies. They face poor infrastructure, low capacity, and sometimes obstructive government policies.”
Discussion from the launch of the Women for Integrity Series (WISe) in April 2020, highlighted some of the challenges women business owners face to survive in the business ecosystem. Issues of societal stereotyping, corruption and bureaucratic processes were key.
Based on the foregone, the Alliance for Integrity in partnership with Soronko Academy presents it second Women for Integrity Series (WISe) discussion on the theme ‘Doing Business in Ghana – Challenges of Women Business Owners’. The event aims at bringing together women business owners to share their challenges and practical experiences in maneuvering these challenges in the Ghanaian business ecosystem. Issues to be discussed will focus on the following:

  • Challenges women business start-ups and women business owners face in Ghana
  • Bureaucracies within the business ecosystem with regards to securing financing and contracts, and the avenues for corruption (compromise on integrity and transparency)
  • Practical steps and collective action measures to address these challenges
  • Experts advise on available redress frameworks and mechanisms

Who should attend?

This virtual event is targeted at Women Business Owners, Women Start-ups and Women in general. It will be hosted on Microsoft Teams.


Gideon Mankralo
Network Manager Ghana & Nigeria


Date from: 10.06.2020 09:00
Date to: 10.06.2020 10:30
CET: UTC/GMT +00:00 - Africa/Accra


Alliance for Integrity
Soronko Academy
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