Alliance for Integrity's Global Conference Implementing Business Integrity into Practice – Pathways to Impact

Since the early 2000s, strengthening integrity is high on the global agenda, both in the public and the private sector. Business leaders around the world are voicing support for transparency and integrity. Many large companies have started to implement compliance programmes, driven by ever higher expectations of customers and a trend towards tightening legal frameworks. The increasing importance of strengthening integrity is also reflected on the global level, for example in the adoption of the UN Convention against Corruption and the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.
Collective action, in particular, seeks to leverage this trend by bringing together all relevant stakeholders and providing a forum for dialogue, exchange on good practices and a space to jointly craft innovative solutions to strengthen business integrity. While there is significant progress, high profile cases of corrupt practices in the private sector keep making headlines. This reveals a need to take stock of existing anti-corruption and compliance measures with a view to their effectiveness and impact.
At the same time, corruption has been largely described as a multi-faceted and multidimensional phenomenon. Strengthening integrity in the economic system therefore requires differentiated strategies according to the concrete context in which corruption occurs: The regional dimension (on the occasion we take a look at Latin America) as well as the gender dimension of integrity play a role. The type of company, e.g.state-owned enterprises (SOE) or small and medium sized companies (SME), matters as these groups face different challenges when it comes to strengthening integrity successfully.
What are success factors, what solutions have the potential to be upscaled and what do companies need to do to bring compliance to the next level? This conference seeks to take a good hard look at these questions and to come up with concrete ideas on how we can jointly create, measure and visualize impact.

Who should attend?

The Alliance for Integrity’s Global Conference aims to bring together relevant stakeholders from the private sector, the public sector, civil society, academia and international institutions to enable a global exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices. Participation will be of interest to companies of all sizes, in particular to CEOs, chief compliance officers and executives responsible for wider business integrity issues. The conference will also be of relevance to personnel engaged in anti-corruption issues in government, civil society, development agencies, international organisations and academia.


The conference will be held in Spanish with simultaneous English translation.


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Hacienda de los Morales, Juan Vazquez de Mella 525, Polanco, Polanco I Secc
11510 Mexico City


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